Bid In A Day Workshop

The Telperion “Bid Writing” workshop gives you the chance to bring a live bid or bid that the team didn’t win to us where we can dissect the issues and start again. The session goes over How to identify Win Themes, How to write effectively – the Martini Glass, How To land the key point and the Waffle detector.

Orals Presentation Workshops

The intensive Orals Presentation Workshop teaches your team How To Pitch, where the real value lies in Content vs Messaging and our ‘Message Spear’ approach. By the end of the day each person will present and be peer marked on a presentation and walk away with handy tips to help them in future bids.

Value Proposition

Understanding the market is key to cutting through the noise and discerning the value proposition. We’ve gone around the world for some of the biggest clients on the globe and helped with everything from strategic sales to re-thinking ‘go to market’ approaches and identifying a refreshed communication strategy.

Turn The Whiteboard Into A Sales Deck

Translating the what into the how is where organisations fall down. You know what’s great about your offer, but your sales guys haven’t got anything to go into battle with. We bring the pragmatic ability and experience to turn a whiteboard into a sales deck and give your people the training they need to make the deck trigger sales.

We have been working with Telperion and knew they could give us a competitive advantage – by adding a bit of magic on the comms and being happy to challenge. It was a pressure cooker situation and they just got stuck in as part of the team.