Bid Support

Win Themes

Understanding what will make you win, as viewed from the buyer’s seat, is everything. But seeing it from inside is hard. We make sure you do – top consultants with £2BN worth of bid wins behind them hold a facilitated session with your key people, capture the outputs, and storyboard where to locate them in the RFP. If you can get it right and it runs through your Bid like a stick of rock, you’re halfway home.

Presentation & Bid Visuals

Pages of words don’t make for a winning proposal. Our experienced designers know how to turn your ideas into crucial visuals that show your clients what they’re getting, and when they’re getting it. The design team combines imagery and typography to land these key messages. We help you make it love at first sight.

Merger & Acquisition Support

Whether you’re getting bigger or becoming a partnership, Merger and Acquisitions are scary business. With our help, we can set your new business right from the first day, ensuring stakeholders and employees that the future is looking

Written Response Documents

We can explain anything to anyone. Our writers distil technical content into clear responses that get marks and win bids. Sharp writing talent steers away from boilerplate material and injects power into your words, showcasing why you deserve to win by following a proven methodology.

Brand Visual Alignment

If each team creates a slide, each slide looks and feels different. Our Visual Alignment service ensures your content is on-brand, in the right colours and looks sleeker and more professional than ever.

Executive Summary Writing

We can take care of creating it from scratch. We work shoulder to shoulder with Subject Matter Experts and Account Executives to distill the main response, draw out the win themes and hand you the Executive Summary you didn’t even know you could put on the table.

I just want to personally thank you all for your amazing support, help, assistance, dedication, patience and downright reluctance to give in. We have just submitted, what I feel is possibly the best response we have ever put forward, and whether we win it or not now, I’m humbled and just blown away with what we can achieve as a team.