Your biggest client, how much do they know about the good things you are doing? If you don’t know how to tell them, the answer may be scary. So how do you stand out in the market and keep your clients engaged? The answer is simple: communicate to a market of one with Account Based Marketing.


Is ABM Right for Me?


One flavour will be. That may be a ‘lite’ version, or a fully loaded campaign to make your account stakeholders sit up. We’ll quickly work it out with you. ABM is entirely scalable, so whether you’re a large company with multiple accounts of varying size, or a small company with equally small clients, you can adjust your efforts and budget to suit your individual needs.


Getting Telperion’s ABM in the team


Telperion have been providing effective, tailored ABM plans for over a decade. We grabbed this early due to enlightened clients in Holland and France, and since then we’ve been doing it across the world – even in Sydney!  We have increased wallet share within accounts by 30% over 6 months. So what are your options?

  1. Messaging: Getting the messaging right is half the battle. You want your account to feel like you’re speaking their language, but it can be hard to know where to start when you’re in the thick of it. We facilitate half or full day workshops (remotely or co-located) with your delivery team to tease out your strengths within the account domain, and they become the backbone of your ABM plan.
  2. eNewsletters: We know, generic spam mail – yuck! But direct mail is far from dead. We hear your concerns – what’s so different about our eNewsletters? Well, first of all, we sit down with your account leads to discuss what you wish your client knew, be it new strides you’ve been making in innovation, great work you’ve done within their domain, or even big wins or go-lives within the account that may have gone unnoticed. Then, we conduct 30-minute interviews with your project leads and SMEs, and our expert writers turn your achievements into skilfully written copy that engages your stakeholders and boosts interest. The next thing you know, you’re sitting down with your client over a cup of coffee.
  3. Look Books: What’s a Look Book? Think eNewsletter x10. We take one big topic that you’re proud of and turn it into a large spread. Our skilled designers draw out the compelling figures and lay out a visually engaging brochure-style document, while our team of writers home in on the winning messages to open your account’s eyes to new possibilities.
  4. Output Decks: Are your presentations a bit… meh? Often your PowerPoints are the first thing an account sees when you’re embarking on a venture with new or existing clients. Our team helps you crisp up your copy and boost your design, so you make a great first impression.
  5. Social Media Posts: Are you finding it hard to get to the brunt of what you want to say within the character limits of social media? That’s our bread and butter – our overarching job is creating concise, informative copy that’s easy to digest. Let us take the weight off your shoulders by crafting your big news into bite-sized chunks that get the point across.


Interested? Ping Anya on and let’s chat.