Lending a hand – rebranding We Get It

Oct 1, 2018

In today’s increasingly disconnected world, community can be hard to come by. That’s why we encourage our employees to do charitable work at whatever chance they get.

Our senior designer, James, worked alongside a brand director to transform cancer support service We Get It’s brand identity into something punchy, loud and defiant in the face of cancer – reflecting the personality of We Get It’s founder, Laura Phillips.

Laura created We Get It as a ‘support service for people in Bath who are dealing with cancer’. Experts provide the information on nutrition, movement, emotional support and local events that Laura needed when she first diagnosed but was unable to find.

Originally pitching her rebrand to Good For Nothing, a Bath-based collective that provides the manpower for community projects, James came onboard as the result of a social media search for a designer of his expertise.

James set about experimenting with typefaces, painting and printing techniques, until he finally struck gold. Using the base of his fist to strike black paint onto canvas and hand-painting letters inspired by one of his original typefaces, his logo has the personal touch – quite literally.

James’s logo can now be seen on a variety of touchpoints – from the rejuvenated website to clothing to social media.

Lending a hand – pun intended – to community initiatives like We Get It is part and parcel of our company ethos. For us, it’s not all about the corporate landscape – it’s about giving back, too.