A very different start to the day!

Sep 26, 2018

We’re committed to going above and beyond what’s expected of us to deliver content that cuts to the heart of what our client needs to say. But you don’t get that kind of insight by sitting behind a desk all day. So we sacrificed – pardon the pun – an extra half hour in bed and tea and toast to attend morning communion at Wells Cathedral.

This was more than just a lovely way to spend a Monday morning. It gave us crucial insight into what the Cathedral was about – worship, welcome and community . We understood the client vision from the inside.

I’m not a religious person and had never been to Eucharist before. But I forewent breakfast and eight hours shut-eye to better understand my client – and had a blast doing it.

Co-location is part of our ethos – we’re more than happy to up sticks and move wherever you need us when the bid deadline or web relaunch is looming. And we’re always looking for new ways to get under the skin of a project, so that we can deliver the best content possible for you.