Find your foal…

Jul 3, 2018

Find your foal. Choice 1: Eleven months ago as a business we faced a stark choice: to buy a new Polycom conferencing system, or to buy semen with which to artificially inseminate an old mare. No choice at all: the stallion in Germany was relieved and the semen was flown over same day by DHL to be duly administered.

Artifical insemination is how it’s done these days. Very few people stand their mares to a stallion, because it’s easier and safer not to. Easier, safer, but much less awesome – remind you of most things in 2018?

The upside of globalisation is that the role of ‘The Teaser’ stallion is mercifully over. When a £10M thoroughbred needed to do the business in the old days, The Teaser would be taken out of his stable first. An unimportant old brute, often a cob or retired carthorse, he would prance and snuffle until the mare was acutely ready for mounting. Then, just as the old chap girded his loins for the big moment – disaster! The stallion handler would drag him off and the £10M Derby winner would come in to have the fun part.

Nowadays, it’s a wonderfully effficient and painless process; Amazon-foals. My prime old mare duly ‘delivered’ at 6am. I was leaving the farm for an important conference call (on the Polycom we did not have) with Capgemini Netherlands.


A foal in the field, 3 weeks early. Here’s the thing, new foals need Cholosterum in their fist suck of milk because it has some good stuff in it. But ours was struggling to stand up: Choice 2: Help him get up, or attend the conference call with the great Matthijs Ros about cyber-security. I helped him up as you can see. So elated has this made me and the staff, that the business’ consequent success has enabled us to get the conference system after all. The motto? Life first, work after. Find your foal…