“Always on” literally kills people

May 1, 2018 | Martin, Telperion

The modern workplace can be incredibly stressful – and that’s especially true on Bids. As Head of Delivery at Telperion we’re going from Bid to Bid. So I have to keep our teams performing at a high level and getting past that stress. How? Well practically, the way I do that is by breaking down the challenges and being on the guys’ shoulders:


  1. We split the working day into four quarters, starting with a quick stand up where everyone gets clear targets, a ‘buddy’ to help them and a chance to raise anything that might block them;
  2. We absolutely mandate a one hour lunch break between 1230 and 1330 each day. The guys either exercise (there’s a pool up the road and a gym and as a former Director of Sport this is something I see as a real differentiator) or they get out into the Cathedral city to get some air, switch off their phone and get a break. The way I see it, being ‘always on’ literally kills people;
  3. We have a ‘99’ call in the office – based on the Lions tour to South Africa – where if someone is really struggling (or a client desperately needs something at speed) the whole team drops what it’s doing and gets behind the guy who is struggling; and
  4. We listen to the people doing this work, and sit down not once every few weeks but every single day to ask if they’re ok.


Ultimately – clients come to us for the energy, the passion and the freshness that they can infuse into their Bid teams. The above is a part of how we deliver it.

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