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“The best Executive Summary we have ever produced”


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Enzen had been one of many service providers for their client for 14 years – the entirety of the client’s existence. From day one, they had been responsible for running one of several Lots owned by the business, but when an RFP came in that presented the opportunity to win a bigger slice of the pie, they were keen to shoot their shot.

With plenty of other incumbents in the same position, plus numerous other competitors stepping up to the plate, Enzen knew they needed to pull out all the stops if they were going to secure a larger portion of the estate.


We knew that Enzen’s 14-year history, intimate knowledge of the existing landscape, and the values they shared with their client was the key to securing success. But beyond that – we know the power of a personal commitment, so we prefaced the entire offer with a bold promise from Enzen’s Head of UK and Europe, who had been involved with the client since its inception. Then, we combed through the RFP content and conducted our own independent research to bring together a compelling Executive Summary that told the story of their relationship and brought the benefits of their approach, technology and in-depth knowledge of the landscape right to the front.

With the Exec Sum out of the way, we poured over the RFP responses to make sure the messaging was woven through the entire bid, and – a month later – supported the Orals session to help them bag the win.


Within a few weeks of submitting their response, the company that gave themselves only a small chance of winning everything… won the lot.

The best Executive Summary I have ever seen for an Enzen project.

Vice President,
Global BPO

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