Case Study.

A €60M contract straight out of nowhere


Capgemini Netherland

When a rate card request landed on Capgemini Netherland’s desk, they knew they needed a bold approach to stand a chance of beating out cheaper competitors.


We got Capgemini’s brightest thinkers in a room, and asked what their customers actually needed, not what they had requested. Then we ran with it.

What landed on the submission deadline was not a rate-card, but a compelling 40-page document that described a solution that defied gravity, pushed the boundaries and went beyond the cost reduction. A solution that brought new areas of scope to unlock new savings, brought their people on board in two geographies, and guaranteed €60M in cost out of the service over five years. And all this without impacting the service.


Capgemini’s non-compliant bid was streets ahead of the competition, prompting the client to release a second round just to give the others a chance to catch up. They never did, of course, and the deal became a foundation of Capgemini’s business in the Netherlands.

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