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ABM – Miyagi Style

The Challenge

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Capgemini needed to gain traction with senior business stakeholders in their manufacturing client’s account after being unsuccessful for eleven years. With Capgemini based in the Netherlands and their client in the US, the goal was to build a relationship that was strong enough to withstand the distance.


We wanted to take standard ABM a step further. These were senior stakeholders with a lot on their plate so to make an impact we needed to stand out. The client had identified 14 individual decision-makers to target, so we sat down with Capgemini’s experts in each field, and over the course of 3 months we developed a personalised pack for each stakeholder, tailored to their passions, hobbies and lifestyle. If they liked baseball, we gave it a baseball theme. If they liked dogs, we put one on the front.

Each pack consisted of an interactive one-pager, divided into 3-4 key areas that the reader could navigate to directly, and was brimming with short credentials, differentiators and concrete plans to help the client advance their business. Then, we finished every pack with a personalised message to the stakeholder, signed by the Global Account Lead, inviting them to a bespoke webinar with Capgemini’s experts.


Just two months after the first pack was sent out, Capgemini hosted a virtual session with their client’s global Supply Chain leaders to discuss advancing their relationship. Soon after, they smashed an RFP to advance into the OT space. Even now, the content created during this engagement is reused for Analyst presentations and Bids.

For eleven years we have been trying to get business stakeholder engagement. In three months, you put us in a room with the top 7 people from their global supply chain. Why? Because the content you drew out of us was exceptional

VP, Global Account Lead

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